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Welcome to Sherwood Elm Grove Trail Association!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our association's web site. Feel free to explore the features available on this site.

 It is with a heavy heart that we must inform our residents of two recent deaths to the Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association family.

We recently lost one of our current board members and one previous board member in a short period of time. We lost Steven Hester and Debi James. Steven served the residents for almost 20 years, lastly as board president, while Debi served several years.

Both Steven and Debi dedicated themselves to serving our two villages by attending countless meetings, serving on other Kingwood associated boards and gave an abundance of their personal time on projects that made both Sherwood Trails Village and Elm Grove Village a better place to live due to their efforts with our shared green belts. Both of them understood that doing all of this was a volunteer position, but they both wanted to help.

Please Report Feral Hog Damage HERE


Many Kingwood residents may not understand how governmental and quasi-governmental organizations operate in Kingwood. This is particularly true of residents who have moved from other areas of the country. Because Houston does not have zoning, we depend on deed restrictions, enforced by our community associations to restrict how property owners use their property. Another organization, Kingwood Service Association provides services to the entire Kingwood community. Click here for an attempt to clarify how things function and get done in Kingwood.



Some time back, Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association purchased a golf cart for use by board members. It is used to tour the greenbelts to pick up trash and debris and to determine issues needing attention. A storage area was needed to keep the cart safe. The Sherwood-Elm Grove Trails Association obtained an agreement with the Sherwood Trails Village Community Association to construct the storage, at the cost of the trails association, at the Sherwood Trails pool. It has been completed. Here are photos of the new storage. It blends in nicely with the covered structure already at the location.

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